Dingo Hire


Hire a Dingo Digger for

Easy Irrigation Installation

Installing your new irrigation system is a breeze with The Pump House Coffs Harbour. We offer dingo hire—along with an experienced operator—to dig a trench ready for pipe installation. Our operators assist residential and commercial clients throughout Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas.


Dingos are mini diggers that are small enough to fit through standard double gateways. They feature rubber tracks, reliable engines and an extendable arm with a variety of attachments, ideal for digging trenches, levelling soil or landscaping in your backyard. With affordable dingo hire from our team, we can make quick work of your pipe installation project.

At The Pump House Coffs Harbour, we install irrigation pipes for homes, farms and businesses, regardless of size. Our dingos are well maintained and operated by a trained professional, ensuring the best outcome for your project. What’s more, we have a trencher with a bucket and 400mm auger for post holes.